Re:Centre is not simply a place, it is a vision born of a wish to bring balance back into our lives and our world.

Nature exists in a constant state of flux, and humans, being not separate from nature, are guided by these natural rhythms. But have we lost touch? In this fast-paced and action-oriented world, the value of rest and reflection has been de-prioritised, leading to imbalances in our private lives, as well as in the world we see around us.

Just as night and day coexist in perfect equilibrium; the need to balance out the desire for movement, action and progress with rest, restoration and quiet reflection is of vital importance. In a space of stillness and quiet contemplation, we are able to find a connection to ourselves, and to our innate inner creative flow. It is from this flow, that action arises naturally – just as a seed, dormant in Winter, receives and stores the potential energy it needs to burst through the soil with effortless grace come Spring.

Our aim at Re:Centre is to create a sanctuary of rest and reflection – a space to connect with ourselves and others in a more authentic and balanced way. Everything, from the structure of our programming to the seasonal food served in our daily restaurant, is designed to gently remind us all of the natural rhythms we are intrinsically connected to.

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