Restless Element/s A/W 2019

Nine artists in residence are exploring the richness of humanity’s relationship with the elements. Weather is our constant companion and has influenced everything from mythology and migration to politics and evolution. The elements affect our mood, inspire, awe and engage us. Re:Centre’s studios are exposed to the east and the west, and the changing weather is part of the dynamic environment where the artists work and collaborate. Proust said: “A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.” With diverse backgrounds and practices including sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography and textiles, this show will explore and re-create the wonder and unpredictability inspired by the elements.

Meet our Artists

Kate Lowe

Luke White

Megan Jentsch

Monika Jorgensen

Natalie Cronin

Nazanin Moradi

Rachel Goodison

Rachna Garodia

Sophie Orde