Building your new relationship to anxiety with Sarah Wilson.

For anyone that’s ever dealt with anxiety in any shape or form, you’ll know that it can feel draining, tiresome and downright frustrating. It shows up when we least need it, and in a myriad of beasts, situations, emotions and experiences.

Getting a handle on managing it can be quite tricky and overwhelming in itself. As with most things, while we can rarely control what happens to us, we CAN control how we react. If you feel like your anxiety is taking over and you just don’t know how to keep it at bay, then this event is for you.

Join ALT/ founder Becki Rabin in conversation with Sarah Wilson, the New York Times and Amazon #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.  Sarah’s expertise on living with, and forming a new relationship to anxiety has led her to be one of the most influential voices in her field.

Sarah will be sharing her first-hand experience with anxiety, how she turned it into her very own superpower allowing her to build the biggest wellness site in Australia, ‘’. Having directed her intense focus and fierce investigatory skills onto this lifetime companion of hers, looking at the triggers, treatments, fashions and fads – It’s time to explore a new relationship that can be had with anxiety and gain heaps of practical, game-changing tips that you can put into play in your life to help quell feelings of distress.