In this workshop, you will learn about the foundations of arm balances and try out different forms for yourself. The workshop will begin with a Vinyasa flow to warm up the key areas of the body in preparation for balancing. This will be followed by partnered strength exercises and a focused exploration of the arm balances – from Crow pose (bakasana) and its many variations, through to more advanced forms depending on the group level. After experimenting, the workshop will close with some juicy stretches to allow for a full and deep relaxation.

This workshop is suitable for those with a regular yoga practice and several variations will be offered to cater for different levels. Having said that, please note that it is not advisable for beginners.

Monthly Yoga Workshops

This workshop is one of many yoga workshops hosted at Re:Centre.  On the last Saturday of each month we will host a different workshop led by a different teacher focusing on a specific area of yoga.  This allows for deeper exploration, understanding and development of your personal practice.

About Gandha

Gandha was exposed to yoga from a very early age by her parents, both yoga enthusiasts who eventually became teachers. They traveled India and fell in love with the culture and yoga before Gandha was born. This explains why, despite her Italian roots, she has three Indian first names.

After years of dedicated practice, she realised her passion lay in teaching and she decided to train as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher.

Gandha adapts her teaching style to the needs and requirements of her students. She loves creative sequencing and no two classes are ever the same.