Transform Your Mindset

A workshop to break through your limiting beliefs. Learn how to change your own story and and connect back to your true purpose.  

We will dive deep into why we self sabotage and look at the ways in which we create our own stories. This will enable you to let go of old narratives, reclaim your joy, and create a new story that allows you connect back to yourself and cultivate a positive mindset.

About Megan Rose Lane:

Megan is a purpose coach and body confidence campaigner with a deep passion for self development. Megan spreads messages of motivation and positivity to women all over the world.

About Wendy O’Beirne:

The Completion Coach and author of Notes to Self Journal. As a coach, Wendy teaches her clients how to master their mindset to see things through and fulfill their deepest desires.

About Becki Rabin:

Beck is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and business mentor in the wellness industry. Her mission is to help women stop dimming their light, find their self worth and coach them to their highest potential.