with Richie Bostock

A new year usually marks a moment of reflection and an opportunity to consider how you may want to improve your life. Goals are set, intentions are made, yet so many people return back to old ways of thinking and behaving within weeks. This is because 95% of what drives your day to day activity by the time you are 35 years old are networks of unconscious beliefs, habits and well rehearsed cycles of thoughts and emotions that function together like a computer program.

When it comes time to change, most people will use only the 5% of what drives their behavior (your conscious mind) to set goals, create dream boards and think positively, yet the other 95% remains unchanged and the conscious and unconscious self become in opposition.

In this special 2-hour workshop, Richie will be using the modality of Breathwork to help you realise visions of the future and anchor them to create coherence between the future that you want, and how you feel and behave in the present moment. By aligning your present self with your vision of the future, you give yourself the maximum chance to reach all your desired potentials.