Digital Event

Our breath is the bridge linking mind and body and once understood it can be used to radically improve our physical health and mental state of being. Breathing techniques are now being recognised for their benefits by elite athletes and city executives alike.
You will be led through a series of breathing flows – based on the Wim Hof Method and Transformational Breathing – that will strip away any mind clutter and distraction and bring you back in full connection with yourself.

About Martin:
Martin’s breathwork journey started when he met Wim Hof. This is when he learned how changing breathing patterns can shift the mental state and break through emotional barriers. ​At the same time he started learning respiratory physiology from the founder of Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown. Now trying to connect the scientific and spiritual by studying Transformational Breath. Martin runs regular workshops where he focuses on mindset training using breathwork and cold exposure. He also coaches athletes with modern hypoxic training methods and traditional pranayama techniques.

Please note you will be emailed the Zoom link and Meeting ID up to 5 minutes ahead of the event start time. Please check your emails for this.