Unlock the imagination and tap into your creative flow with movement, play, and mindful art exercises.

(No experience required / all levels welcome)

Meaning innate ability or inclination, we believe that we all have creative genius, a creative flow that needs to be unlocked. Using a series of creative exercises, we can will unlock our imagination and let go of our mental boundaries.

In this series of events we will cover:

• The importance of creativity;
• Exploration of the senses;
• Movement and drawing warm-up exercises.

Creative Flow Series

This is one of a series of workshops designed to remove any creative blockage and release the imagination.  We all have an innate and inner creative flow but it is often suppressed or forgotten, especially in our adult lives. By nurturing our creative and using expressive exercises, we can reignite our imagination.

We will explore different channels to discover our hidden talents: movement, art exercises, mindful observation, play and meditation.

This course is not only about art; it is about imaginative living and personal growth. It is about seeking a purpose and answering our questions about life.

You can attend just one workshop or the whole series for a deeper journey.

Photo: George Fitzmaurice

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