Creative Flow is a series of workshops designed to remove creative blocks. Through exploring different channels such as movement, art, play and meditation, we can discover hidden talents and reignite our imagination. This series is for anyone interested in personal growth and looking to rediscover their creative flow. You can attend just one workshop or the whole series for a deeper journey.

In the first workshop of the series, we will begin with a series of exercises to connect with your body, allowing for more freedom and mobility. We will experience the joy of moving together, and use our imagination and creativity to find a way to express ourselves through movement.

All in all an experience to nurture and excite you, facilitated by experienced workshop leader and choreographer Neus Gil Cortes.

Adults of all ages are welcome and no previous dance experience required.

“Through this workshop I learnt that you can rely on someone.”

“The workshop gave me more freedom and confidence in movement. Being creative makes me feel energised.”


About Neus Gil Cortes

Neus Gil Cortés is a choreographer, dramaturg and movement director. Neus has been a professional dance artist for over a decade, having worked in some of the best companies in the UK including Hofesh Shechter Company, National Dance Company of Wales, and Protein.

In 2015 Neus created her own company, Nua Dance, which is already getting critical acclaim. Neus has experience in facilitating workshops for people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from professional dancers to older people with very little experience in movement.




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