A weekly Sunday morning drawing class for all skill levels starting on the 10th of March.

“Drawing is a verb…results of the act of doing.” (Richard Serra)

Drawing is as natural as speaking and a good drawing can communicate just as effectively.

Learn how to draw what is in front of you by using your eyes skillfully and with precision.

We help you grasp the essence of drawing and develop within you a new visual way of thinking. This, in turn, will allow your drawings to communicate what you see, replicating the tangible world onto paper.

All are welcome, from beginners who want to learn the basics of drawing, to advanced artists who want to develop their skills further.

We use a broad range of artistic techniques, approaches, and methods in each session to focus and develop your drawing skills.

About Rita de Sa

Rita is a Portuguese artist based in London. She lives with her husband and their little daughter called Laura. When in Portugal she studied Fine Art at University. After graduating, Rita explored various occupations to support her work as an artist, such as a Photographer, Art teacher and Art Educator. She then went back to school again – books being a passion of hers – to do an MA in Arts Teaching.

Rita is now a previous resident at Re:Centre’s art studio and creates art through a process of gesture and repetition. Her art talks about her own story but also about other people’s stories and collective memory.