From the Harmony in Living series

Fasting, which typically means to go without food for an extended period, allows the body to have a good ‘house-cleaning’ and a rest. It is a way to good health, long life, and can aid recovery from certain illnesses. All the major religious traditions apply it in their spiritual practice. Gandhi used it, making the personal political. Modern medicine having re-discovered fasting, has now given it a stamp of approval.

In this session, learn the practical steps of fasting for your health, weight-loss or recovery from dis-ease. Experience the nourishing effect of art exercises and try a guided meditation to use in your preparation for fasting.

About Harmony in Living Series

This is the last of 4 workshops in the Harmony in Living series, an Ayurvedic-inspired course exploring ancient traditions to bring about better health and happiness in your life. Engaging in these exploratory workshops will energise you with ideas, provide a greater understanding of what creates balance, and will ultimately help you to discover your own practice of harmony in living. Slow down. Pay attention. Live each moment fully.

No attendance at any of the previous workshops required.

About Dr Eleni

Dr Eleni Tsiompanou, the founder of the Health Being Institute, is an experienced Medical Consultant who has worked in the NHS since 1997. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London (FRCP) and an Ambassador for the ‘College of Medicine’ who has also trained in Ayurveda and nutritional medicine.

Eleni’s personal quest, knowledge and ongoing research has uncovered gems of practical information which can help people find their own balance, better health and harmony.


Photo Credit: Jo Holland