Join leading nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert in celebrating the biggest voices in nutrition, health, food and fitness, much like her chart-topping podcast Food For Thought, only live Saturday 25 January 2020.

In what is a feel-good festival rounding up the most inspiring people in science and on-screen, come the new year, you’ll be reminded that becoming the best version of yourself means nourishing your mind above all else.

Just bring an enthusiastic mindset, and the incredible lineup with science, stars and celebrities will show you the difference between feeling merely okay and feeling on top of the world.

Inspired by her podcast, Rhiannon will explore everything from nutrition, sustainability, climate change and meditation, dispelling every myth in between!

Stop subscribing to new more rules to follow, and start the new year with a life where your food, fitness and wellbeing have no power over you, except to bring you nourishment and joy.

There are two ticket types;

1) All-Day Admission

2) Yoga + All-Day Admission