Begin to transform your mindset, your body and your life through heart-based practices and self-inquiry.

Monthly Yoga Workshop

What we think, who we think we are, the stories we tell ourselves and the narratives we carry with us inform our experience of life and the reality we create every day.

Ultimately we have choices and the creative power to shift our self-limiting beliefs and to change the repeating patterns that bind us. When we do, we can realise the full potential of who we really are and who we want to become.

Join Uma Elizabeth Knight for this in-depth, experiential workshop to explore the sub-terranean layers of your being and what is most important for you to move forward. We will call upon supportive and reflective practices and techniques to get really present and authentic, clear and focused with ourselves.  You can expect nourishing and mindful movement, breath-work and mantra as well as self-inquiry and journaling. Please come dressed to move and bring writing materials.