Improve your wellbeing through nature with Leafage Terrarium Workshop.

About this Event

Join Leafage for a hands-on workshop and come away with your very own miniature garden and a whole toolbox of reusable skills. No Garden, No problem!Leafage walk you through our step by step guide of how to create a self-contained garden that’s grown in a closed glass container. Think of it as a mini-greenhouse, a perfect miniature garden for urban dwellers.All the equipment will be provided for you as well as a care guide of how to look after your terrarium at the end of the workshop. The workshop includes a complimentary herbal tea to welcome you as part of the Leafage family.

About Leafage
Leafage was born from the simplest of desires; to connect people and to inspire and cultivate a love of nature. And so founder Kay Suppamas sought to revolutionise the way in which her city dwelling peers, who had limited access to their own green space, interacted with plant life. Choose your favourite container when you book your workshop spot:

  1. Carafe Terrarium ContainerHeight: 20 cm, Diameter: 10.5 cm, Capacity: 1L
  2. Cork Jar Terrarium ContainerHeight: 22 cm, Diameter: 18 cm, Capacity: 3.5 L
  3. Demijohn Terrarium ContainerHeight: 30 cm, Diameter: 16 cm, Capacity: 4.5 L