Dan Brule returns to London for only one event that is not to be missed!

Dan Brulé is the world’s foremost expert and renowned pioneer in the field of breathwork. Not only is he one of the very first integrative breath workers in the world, but he has spent the last 40 years traveling across cultures and countries to learn every approach to breathwork currently on this planet. Understanding breathwork isn’t just about learning techniques, it is a philosophy and there may be no other person alive today who understands the breath so completely. And now it is his mission to share this with the world.

Dan has been sharing his knowledge across 60 countries and worked with more than 150,000 people, including Olympic Gold Medalists, Fortune 500 executives, Navy SEALS and leaders in the fields of psychology and personal development. He is also the personal breath coach for the worlds most famous performance coach, Tony Robbins.

A light dinner, tea and coffee will be served as Dan shares the fundamental principles of how breathing can affect every aspect of your life. He will then will lead everyone in a very special breathing session that is guaranteed to a magical experience!

Whether you are an experienced breath worker looking to further your own practice or someone who is interested in shifting the quality of your life in a BIG way, this will be a night not too be missed.


If you have any questions please email richie@thebreathguy.com.