Creative Flow Workshop

Allow yourself to re-connect with your creativity by exploring different materials, senses, and ways of expression. Get out of the box and enjoy an infinite world of possibilities.

Learn how to make natural pigments then freely create with them to make a communal painting. This will be an expressive and fun environment with music playing throughout.

Price includes all materials.

About the Creative Flow series

This is one of a series of workshops designed to remove any creative blockage and release the imagination.  We all have an innate and inner creative flow but it is often suppressed or forgotten, especially in our adult lives. By nurturing our inner creative and using expressive exercises, we can reignite our imagination.

We will explore different channels to discover our hidden talents: movement, art exercises, mindful observation, play and meditation.

This course is not only about art; it is about imaginative living and personal growth. It is about seeking a purpose and answering our questions about life.

You can attend just one workshop or the whole series for a deeper journey.

About Rita de Sa

Rita is a Portuguese artist based in London. She lives with her husband and their little daughter called Laura. When in Portugal she studied Fine Art at university. After graduating, Rita explored various occupations to support her work as an artist, such as a Photographer, Art teacher and Art educator. She then went back to school again – books being a passion of hers – to do a MA in Arts Teaching.


Image Credit: Joel Filipe