Self-discovery by following your curiosity (for adults and children aged 5+)

As we progress through life, we become less connected to our belief in the unseen magic of our minds. By letting out our inner child and exploring our curiosity it is scientifically proven to bring out self-discovery, joy, and liberation into our lives. For children, it empowers and motivates them to believe in themselves and increases their ability to express who they are in a society of systems that defuses that innate creativity.

We will explore together through play, the senses and guiding by our curiosity to unlock imagination, using visualisation meditations and mindfulness exercises. Be ready to leave your inhibitions and see life through the eyes of your 5-year-old self. Better yet, learn and grow from the children of today. They are the experts.

About Nina Miljius

Nina is a creator, facilitator, artist and coach. Passionate about self-discovery, the creative mind and navigating life with curiosity. She holds space for people, children and businesses to explore their inner and outer world, whether in an immersive workshop or one-on-one. Her movement and mentality ‘i am circle’ is for like minds, understanding self and celebrating individual thinking.

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