Year-long programme to become an ICF certified integral coach

Integral development coaching is a powerful way of working with people that aims to make a profound contribution to individuals, organisations and society. Our coaches become skilled at working with clients in a way which frees them up to bring their intentions into their work and wider life with dignity, humanity and skilfulness.  Taking an integral approach calls upon coaches to support their clients in ongoing inquiry and practice. It draws on deep philosophical roots as well as biology, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, spirituality and more, providing many avenues of insight and practice. 


You will learn a powerful proven methodology grounded in theory, research, and practice and participate in a rigorous curriculum of study, experiential learning and reflective practice with an accomplished group of fellow participants drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Over 4 face-to-face modules (17 days in total) supported by between session supervision and interactive on-line group work, you will receive a custom designed individual development programme and work with a dedicated mentor coach throughout.  The curriculum includes a variety of assignments and coaching practice leading to certification.  Class size is intentionally small, between 8-20 students 


thirdspace was founded to help support people who in turn are inspired to explore and help realise the possibilities for human society in the midst of our rapidly changing times – simultaneous accelerations in technology, globalisation, climate change and biodiversity loss – and to do this with as much courage, dignity, persistence, foresight, creativity, compassion, wisdom and flexibility as possible.  Our seasoned teaching faculty are known for their wisdom, compassion, presence, and experience. 



“I was already an experienced coach and wanted to further develop my skills, more specifically with the intention of being able to go deeper with my clients, helping them beyond their immediate preoccupations. I am absolutely delighted I made the decision to go with thirdspace and New Ventures West; I find the integral development methodology very complete, rigorous, systematic and humane. It helps me not only with my clients, but also with myself. It was a tremendous self-development experience. Thethirdspace team are thorough, loving, fun, experienced, knowledgeable, and they truly care about their students.” – Jean-Stéphane Szijarto, Switzerland