“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from  inner necessity” CARL JUNG 

In this 2-hour workshop we will reconnect to our intuitive selves and reignite our innate passion and creativity through meditation and artistic expression.

You will be encouraged to let go of any preconceived notions of what ‘creativity’ means, allowing for your own creative exploration to flourish in this neutral space.

We will start with a fun warm up introduction session where we will tap into our inner joy before meditating together. After this we will begin to get creative, this can be in the form or writing, moving, singing, painting, drawing… there are no limits. The workshop will end with an invitation to share your experience if you wish to do so.

‘Re:Connect and Re:Create’ is open for adults of any age 18-100 years old with or without any experience.

N.B. Please intuitively bring anything you feel you may wish to use / explore within this workshop.

Some art materials will be provided but are limited.

About the Creative Flow Series

This series of workshops is designed to release your mental blocks and unleash your creativity. Creativity is an essential skill that is innate in all of us but if often supressed or forgotten. Through nurturing and expressive exercises our imagination can be reignited.

We will explore different channels to discover our hidden talents: Movement, art exercises, mindful observation, play and meditation.

This course is not only about art, it is about imaginative living and personal growth. It is about seeking a purpose and answering our questions about life. It is about self-discovery.

About Jo Holland

Jo Holland is a practising artist and meditation trainer. Her meditation practice informs her art practice and vice versa.

Jo works unconventionally with photography, engaging both analogue and digital mediums to create large scale artworks and works on fabric. The transcendental beauty in Jo’s images is due to the combination of transmissive and reflective light that is recorded onto the photographic medium. Her works are focused primarily on composition, balance and harmony, celebrating nature, beauty and elegance. She has exhibited widely both Nationally and Internationally and has recently produced commissions for 1 Fencourt, Re:centre and Harrods.

An avid meditator, Jo has been working with Peace Revolution in Thailand as part of World Peace Initiative. She has co-managed several artistic mediation retreats since 2014 and more recently is involved in training to teach meditation.