Understand the ins and out of stress and learn practical techniques to feel calm and in control of your life.

We will start by exploring the neurobiology of stress and identify our own personal stress triggers, our coping mechanism and the silent signs of stress. Once you understand the unconscious mechanisms of stress, you will learn how to relieve pressure from the cooker when you feel overwhelmed at work or at play and most importantly how to start building resilience.

About Steph

Steph is a Happiness Expert whose mission is to empower people to step into the driver’s seat and to build the inner resources to create a fulfilling happy life that ripples out onto the world around them.

After a versatile career in the Financial Services and Media Industry, the roller-coaster of life took her on the ‘Science of Happiness’ race at UC Berkeley and the adventure began! Constantly adding new skills in her tool box (Mindfulness, Stress Management, Resilience, Performance Coaching and Positive Neuroplasticity Training), Steph is now a thought after public speaker on the topics of Stress Management, Mindfulness and Happiness.

She provides her clients with the strategies and techniques that allows them to manage high levels of stress, to free themselves from limiting patterns and to build the unshakable confidence to build a life that they are excited about.