Join yoga teacher Ché Dyer for a day of yoga inspired movement, breathwork, meditation, self reflection and creative exploration, all aimed at connecting to your intuition and inspiration.

What to expect:

The day will begin with yoga-inspired movement practice, meditation and breathwork. This will allow us to clear our mind and get into a creative flow before we move into practical exercises to access our intuition and inspiration

During this fun, interactive part of the workshop, we will work individually and in groups, creating our own unique, positively affirming “guidance cards” which you can take home with you.

Finally we will draw on the inspiration of the cards to create corresponding self-expression/art on the cards through
mediums such as collage, inking, watercolours and charcoals.

This self-loving immersion day is all about reconnecting back to your body, your intuition, your creative inspiration and
your self-expression. You will leave feeling inspired, tuned in and with a deck of your own cards that will remind you of the
things you already know deep within.

You do not need to have any previous yoga experience and you do not need to be “an-artist” to come and join us.
Moving the body and connecting to your creativity is open to all!


Space is limited – so please book ASAP to avoid disappointment!

Please email me on to book a space.
Or contact me through: