A unique event in collaboration with Soulhub and Hub Dot

It’s true. The ability of connecting with others starts from the connection we make with ourselves. We are bringing our community together for an evening of self discovery.

Carmen Rendell, and her incredible team of experts from Soulhub will be our guides for the night, as we venture deeper to explore the mysteries of the unconscious. From understanding the meaning behind illness, to identifying the things we may be attracting in our lives. They will share their experience and observations of how we all create the patterns and behaviours we’re often blind to.

We will be sharing honest stories of challenges and experiences we have faced, balanced with advice, insights and ideas into our own personal turning points and successes.

Let’s join the Dots to be the best version of ourselves!

Expect an immersive evening, of full blown alchemy, with soulful vibes. All in the spirit of Hub Dot.
Join us. An evening of self discovery awaits.

About Hub Dot:

Hub Dot events take a radically different approach that puts human connections and stories above job titles or social status.

Hub Dot’s mission is to bridge the gaps in society and business by replacing labels with coloured Dots that reflect an individual’s mindset. These Dots help level the playing field and have given over 20,000 people in 22 cities the freedom to start conversations by asking ‘What is your story?’ instead of ‘What do you do?’.