Music Concert with T U R Y A


Singer, songwriter, producer, composer and now also earthenware potter, T U R Y A is back after a short hiatus that was spent writing, recording and producing her new EP ‘Echo’.

Nicki Wells is the multi-talented creative powerhouse behind T U R Y A and her multicultural upbringing has certainly influenced her sound. Growing up at the foothills of the Himalayas and studying music as a teenager in both Sydney, Australia and India, the London born singer songwriter explores a variety of genres that she has absorbed throughout her travels. From folky roots, chilled electronica, rich sonic soundscapes to Indian classical inflections. All of these multi-faceted layers amalgamate, to create a rich musical palette of original sound with T U R Y A’s incredible distinctive vocals.

T U R Y A explains about her EP:

“The collection of songs on ‘Echo’ was a cathartic songwriting process for me. Two songs in particular are very personal, ’Magical Moments’ which is about not taking precious moments with family and loved ones for granted and ‘Will there be a Place for me?’, a song about finding one’s place with their own higher power. I wanted the EP to be stripped back and organic. To have a song be able to stand on its own with just voice and guitar or voice and piano. Then that minimalistic production is contrasted by Echo and the Sanctuary Remix of Rain which has heavier, more electronic production elements to it.”

About T U R Y A:

Nicki Wells, the artist behind T U R Y A, takes inspiration from an array of genres from folk, cinematic music to Indian classical music, which she studied as a teenager in India. The name comes from Turiya, a Sanskrit word, meaning a state of pure consciousness, the silence one experiences after sound.

T U R Y A’s vocal and songwriting approach is a cultivated collection of melodies, combined with uniquely captivating, bittersweet and moving vocals. It’s these elements that shaped her debut album ‘Ocean’ and the new EP ‘Echo’.

T U R Y A’s songs explore the themes of self-discovery and reconciliation and are often approached from a pensive and self-reflective angle. Meaning and realisations are unraveled throughout the lyrical content and there is a sense of catharsis expressed musically, depicted in her songs like ‘Rain’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Ocean’.





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