Creative Flow Workshop

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This creative workshop will be an exercise in experimentation and self-expression where participants will make a contemporary mixed media art work.

We will spend 30 minutes looking at and understanding some examples of mixed media and collage art. Next, participants will learn how to explore their own Vivid Vernacular using a variety of text, print media, collage and drawing/painting. We will provide a mixture of sources for contemporary visuals such as newspapers, wallpapers, magazines and photographs. Participants are encouraged to bring several photocopies of meaningful personal images of their own.

There will be a collage technique demonstration and the tutor will provide support as participants build their own compositions.

Art materials provided.

This workshop requires no prior drawing or painting ability and is suitable for participants aged 14 and up.

About The Creative Flow Series

This is one of a series of workshops designed to remove any creative blockage and release the imagination.  We all have an innate and inner creative flow but it is often suppressed or forgotten, especially in our adult lives. By nurturing our inner creative and using expressive exercises, we can reignite our imagination.

We will explore different channels to discover our hidden talents: movement, art exercises, mindful observation, play and meditation.

This course is not only about art; it is about imaginative living and personal growth. It is about seeking a purpose and answering our questions about life.

You can attend just one workshop or the whole series for a deeper journey.

About Kate:

This workshop will be facilitated by Kate Lowe, who has an MA in Fine Art and specialises in collage and mixed media. Kate is currently an artist in residence at ReCentre.