Sound has been used for thousands of years in many cultures as a tool for healing.

Sound healing uses sound frequencies, resonance and vibration therapeutically, to balance a person holistically (body, mind, spirit) in order to create harmony, balance and well being.

This voice-led sound bath is unique as it is voice centered. Simone Niles will use her voice (and a few instruments), to guide you into deep state of relaxation where healing can take place.

Whether you have a psychical ailment, feeling anxious or stressed or just want some time to relax, you will find many benefits in attending this session.

What to expect:

– You will lie comfortably and soak up a variety of sounds for up to an hour.

– Simone will then invite you into a call and response vocal release to help you ground yourself and integrate the healing you have received.

Open to everyone with no need for any previous experience.

About Simone Niles:

Simone is an expert transformational coach, sound healer and author. She is on a personal mission to help others heal and to connect with their authentic self so that they can express their gifts into the world. Simone’s gift in using sound and her voice for healing, teaching and performing has touched many for more than two decades.