Everyone was blown away by Re:Centre. It’s a beautiful space, filled with light and river views.

It was difficult to leave! The day was absolutely perfect.

Charlotte McCleod, Barnes Film Festival 

Thank you so very much for being the most amazing venue. The event had perfect energy. It gave the audience  a very unique feeling of Expansion (tall ceilings and lots of windows) and Intimacy (perfect amount of space to have private conversations) at the same time. The staff are incredible. Everyone was so attentive, involved, and patient.

Kim De Los Reyes, The Kind Festival

Great location to shoot in as it’s accessible from multiple sides, ground floor and plenty of space.

Staff were great, the fact that you have parking out front is also a huge plus.

I would definitely recommend (have already) to anyone looking for a similar space to shoot in.

Jaques Groenwold, Salt Film