Our Teachers

Our teachers have been hand-picked for their experience, creativity and dedication to their practice. Their diverse backgrounds and teaching-styles weave together to form a programme that not only caters to individual needs and abilities but also provides the perfect balance to encourage us all to listen to what our bodies need in the moment.

Meet our Teaching Team

Aneta Grabiec

Courtney Williams

Dorita Sheriff

Duha Sinada

Frankie Arpino

Gandha Savio

Iris Mir

Isabel Viegas Groves

Jessica Ellerby Stewart

Jessie Laute – Guest Teacher – March

Katie Oriel

Lauren Wilkie

Libby Stevenson

Lois Kelly

Mandy Jhamat

Maryann Huynh

Nahid De Belgeonne

Natalie Gartshore – Guest Teacher – April

Olivia Hempstead

Polly James

Richie Bostock

Roisin Hope

Sophia Arvanitis

Stefania Ponti

Thomas Thoroe

Victoria Perry

Violet Monis

Vivien Speers

Zara Miranda